Mare Cannabum

Mare Cannabum Project Nearing Completion

Alembic Studio’s second hempstead is almost finished! The hempcrete has been plastered and the interior details are taking shape. Jim Sykes Construction and site manager Pat O’Rork are doing a fantastic job.

Virginia Beach Architects Visit ‘Mare Cannabum’ to learn about Hempcrete Installation

This week we paid a visit to the site of the ‘Mare Cannabum’ hemp home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We began to design this house in 2012 with our wonderful clients, the Meehans, and architect Gerri West. It is clear looking at this unique home and the interest it is accumulating, that our efforts and […]

Mare Cannabum Hempcrete Installation has Begun!

The hempcrete walls have started to take form in Virginia Beach! More to come soon…

Mare Cannabum Home Nearly Ready for Hemp Installation

Here are the latest construction photos, sent by site supervisor Pat O’Rork in Virginia Beach, along with comparisons to our ArchiCad model. This is our second hemp house, and we’re excited to see how it’s shaping up! From September 5, 2014 Northeast view of entranceView of fireplace on southwest porchSoutheast terraceArchiCad framing rendering ArchiCad framing rendering ArchiCad framing […]

Mare Cannabum to Start Hempcrete Installatation

After months of planning, construction has finally begun on the ‘Mare Cannabum‘ project in Virginia Beach. Alembic Studio is currently testing 3 different lime binders to determine which one is the best fit. Many considerations were taken into account when designing this home. For starters, it needed to be built for 130 mph wind loads! […]

Binder Test for ‘Mare Cannabum’

Hempsteads VB.301: Hemp Binder Test from JenBen Media on Vimeo. In this video, Tim Callahan and Brad Madera test lime binders for the ‘Mare Cannabum’ home in Virginia Beach, VA, while explaining the properties and installation of hempcrete.