How strong is hemp as a wall system?

Pretty darn strong, but it’s not concrete – it is a fraction of the weight, and about 1/20 of the compressive strength of concrete. Keep in mind that the hempcrete does not function as a structural component. In our region, we design for seismic zone 2a, and winds loads (typically) of 90mph. With certain limitations, […]

Can I build with Hemp considering legal standing?

We have found that when presenting to code officials, it is important to emphasize the essential characteristic of the hempcrete – it is an insulation system with unique hygroscopic qualities. We have successfully permitted projects in seismic zone 2a, as well as in coastal regions with 130 mph wind loads. Establishing a relationship with the […]

Hemp is not ‘Marijuana’

Technically, industrial hemp and marijuana are both Cannabis Sativa. Industrial hemp is the non-psychoactive, low-THC, oilseed fiber strain of the Cannabis plant. Hemp has absolutely no use as a recreational drug. Think of the Cannabis Sativa grouping of plants as the Canine family, who’s genetic makeup has been altered to give way to breeds like […]

Is Hemp Good for Net-Zero?

Hempcrete is not just an insulator; it prevents damp and mold growth, and buffers temperature and humidity, making the building a healthy environment. From an R-per-inch standpoint, there are many materials that have higher insulating values than Hemcrete®. Having said that, our hempcrete walls are typically specified as a minimum R-28. For our clients that […]