At the 27th Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, in Belgium, Patrick Daly lectured on the carbon neutrality of hempcrete walls. As a technologist and energy specialist, Daly has set out to design environmentally friendly ‘eco-houses’, and has the data to prove it.

Study Reveals Hempcrete Wall Sequestration Rate

According to this study, 2000 square feet of 12” thick hemcrete® wall (a proprietary hempcrete product), with lime finish on both sides, has the potential to sequester 2,1480 Kg of CO2, or emit 372 Kg of CO2. This wide range is due to variations in test methods and binder and finish recipes. He applied his knowledge when he designed and built his house, which was named ‘ileeid’, meaning ‘integrated low energy and environmental impact design. It is believed to be Ireland’s first carbon negative house, resulting in a net surplus energy yearly.

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Hemp carbon sequestration - from
Hemp carbon sequestration chart – from

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