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About the Nauhaus Prototype

nauhaus-vrbo2009 – The Nauhaus Prototype was made possible by a private venture of highly passionate and driven building professionals and volunteers. The Nauhaus Prototype is a building system born from a simple thought: a whole systems building design approach that combines the best of cutting edge modern building science with the advantages of traditional building materials and techniques.

Through a combination of passive solar design, a super-insulated building envelope, interior thermal mass, high performance windows and doors, and careful construction detailing, the Nauhaus Prototype was designed to be 80% more energy efficient than present code mandates, creating a healthy, comfortable indoor environment without need for a furnace or air conditioning. This substantial decrease in energy use allows renewable energy systems to be downsized. The consequent reduction in price brings self-sufficient power production and even carbon neutrality within reach. This “state of the art” building science is combined with site-harvested materials, rainwater harvesting, greywater irrigation, extensive outdoor living spaces, a lush edible landscape, small scale animal husbandry, and wildlife habitat to make sustainable homesteads a possibility even in densely populated urban neighborhoods.

Natural Building Features

Passive solar design
Superior insulation: exterior walls constructed of Hemcrete®, a mixture of industrial hemp chips (shiv) in a lime-based binder.
Interior floors and walls constructed of compressed earth blocks made from subsoil excavated from the building site.
Earth plaster interior walls (also from site subsoil) and lime plaster exterior
Natural non-toxic paints and sealers by Earthpaint, a local company
Abundant edible landscape and wildlife habitat
Rainwater catchment and greywater irrigation
3 bedroom, 2 bath; configured to allow for separate apartment in lower level
1,375 square feet of interior living space with 300+ square feet of covered outdoor living area