Hempcrete’s viable benefits in a construction setting.

Why build with hemp?

As designers of custom residences that utilize hemp as a building material, Alembic Studio, LLC receives many inquiries every week from people that are interested in learning more about the use of hempcrete and if it is an intelligent choice for their construction project. As part of our ongoing research in the field of hemp […]

Does building a Hempcrete Wall take longer?

Most likely. As with any masonry-type construction, there are some limitations to the installation. For example, if the temperature gets too low, or there is excessive moisture in the air it slows the curing time of the lime-binder. The lime-binder can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to completely cure. The sequence of trades and inspections […]

Does building with hemp cost more?

The building process with hemp follows a format that is a bit different than typical construction, but the methods employed are simply variations on common themes. An experienced contractor, supported by a thorough set of drawings, should be confident in their ability to successfully build with hemp. The up-front costs in using hemcrete® can add […]

Can I Make A Hemp Binder?

Not recommended! There are those that mix their own binder from common recipes, as it is less expensive than purchasing pre-mixed binders. There are two primary factors that play into deciding whether this is the best choice for you, not the least of which is product liability. The other is having the proper engineering and […]

Does Hempcrete smell?

The part of the plant that is mixed with a binder is the woody stalk, referred to as shiv, or hurd. The raw shiv has an odor similar to many other dried plants, and smells a bit like farm straw…not marijuana.

What are my finish options with hemp walls?

We recommend that the exterior be finished with an approved system like Baumit®. The interior may be finished with lime render, clay plaster, or lime-over-clay. Mineral colorants can be added to the render to provide a wide range of color options. Interior lime surfaces may have surface applied minerals mixed in a water solution and […]

Hemp is not ‘Marijuana’

Technically, industrial hemp and marijuana are both Cannabis Sativa. Industrial hemp is the non-psychoactive, low-THC, oilseed fiber strain of the Cannabis plant. Hemp has absolutely no use as a recreational drug. Think of the Cannabis Sativa grouping of plants as the Canine family, who’s genetic makeup has been altered to give way to breeds like […]