We Know Hemp

As designers of custom residences that utilize hemp as a building material, Alembic Studio, LLC receives many inquiries every week from people that are interested in learning more about the use of this material and if it is an intelligent choice for their construction project.  As part of our ongoing research in the field of hemp construction, we have amassed a significant data-base of information, and we want to share that with you here.

Is a hempcrete building a smart approach for you? The answer to this has a lot to do with your location, climate, personal needs and budget. In our experience, hempcrete has many unique qualities that make it an excellent, preferred wall system, but it is not viable in all places for all people.

There is a lot of great information about hempcrete (hemp-lime) available on the web, though a significant portion of it ranges from wishful thinking, to misleading, and to outright dangerous. Whether we are personally involved with your project or not, we want to see that your hemp project is successfully conceived and brought to fruition. After all, we won’t achieve “hemp victory” with poorly designed hemp buildings.


Answers to some frequently asked questions: