Alembic & Green Built to Teach Hemp Workshop in Catskills

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Green Built is planning to conduct a half-day seminar on Hemp-Lime Building Materials and Techniques on the morning of October 30th in the Catskills. The speaker will be Tim Callahan of Alembic Studio, a North Carolina based consultant and the leading designer of hemp-lime buildings in the United States.

Contact Green Built for more information.

November 16, 2015 update:

It has been a few weeks now since the workshop, and with catching up with other projects, and I have been negligent in posting about the Catskills workshop.

The people that attended this particular event were an outstanding mix of building professionals- architects, engineers, and general contractors.

In fact, this was a two day event- the first 1/2 day was spent with a presentation on basic building science, construction detailing, material properties and an ongoing-and-excellent Q & A with the attendees. The remaining 1-1/2 days were spent at the workshop of Nick Zachos, who generously made his facility available for the work of demonstrating the mixiing and placement of the hemp-lime mix into a mock-up of a wall and window assembly. We had some issues with a portion of one wall not being tamped properly, which gave us the opportunity to demonstrate not only the importance of that aspect of the install, but how it may be repaired- a simple process, but one best avoided by following proper procedure.
There were several people at the workshop that specialize in historical renovation and restoration, who brought up some excellent questions regarding specific applications for this material in their work. While I would not expect nor claim that the hempcrete system is appropriate as a blanket approach to energy and environmental upgrades in all applications, it became clear that the ability to make a reasonably accurate evaluation for its applicability is a simple process. Alembic is in the process of delineating the identified issues and will be posting a guide to this process on Hempsteads in the near future.

I thank Nick and Greenbuilt for the opportunity to present this workshop, and I am especially grateful to the folks that attended for their input, questions and involvement- they made this a great event.