Mare Cannabum Home Nearly Ready for Hemp Installation

Here are the latest construction photos, sent by site supervisor Pat O'Rork in Virginia Beach, along with comparisons to our ArchiCad model. This is our second hemp house, and we're excited to see how it's shaping up!


From September 5, 2014

Northeast view of entrance
View of fireplace on southwest porch
Southeast terrace
ArchiCad framing rendering 
ArchiCad framing rendering 
ArchiCad framing rendering
Archicad rendering of finished entrance
ArchiCad rendering of finished southwest porch
ArchiCad rendering of finished southeast terrace

From August 23, 2014

Northeast view of entire framing progress to date
Northeast view looking up toward bedroom
Interior northeast view of sill and framing toward beach bath
Interior southern view in guest room featuring steel braced frames 
Southeast view looking up toward bedroom
Southeast view to future patio, kitchen, dining
Interior southwest living/dining room view 
Interior northeast view into bathroom and future stair